Prices litsted include tax.

Thierd Generation Omakase Course

For one person \11,000

For one person \13,200

For one person \16,500

  • Appetizer
  • Assorted sashimi
  • Three seasonal dishes
  • Recommended nigiri
  • Bowl of soup
  • Sweet

The couse menu is subject to change depending on the days purchase. Please let us know if you are allergic to any of the items that are not allowed into menu.

Assorted sashimi

for one person \4,000

Nigiri Sushi


8 pieces \4,400


10pieces \5,500


12pieces \6,600

We can also prepare chirashi. Please let us know if there are any items you cannot eat or are allergic to.

Side dishes

Lightning squid Pickled in Sea salt


Seared cod roe


Imayoshi’s special bomb


Soft boiled octopus



Tekkamaki(Tuna roll)

Kappa roll

Takuan roll

Mountain burdock roll

Natto roll

Umeshiso roll

Negi and Tuna roll

Tuna and Takuan roll

Red scallop and cucumber roll

Garden eel and cucumber roll

Thick roll

I also have items not listed on the menu. Please ask our staff.We can also prepare other dishes upon request.